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The range of products solvent based undercoatings and enamels includes different types of products which find the solution of every kind of problem thanks to an high technology. High weathering resistance, time endurance, always shiny.

Opalite is a white matt synthetic primer for wood based on alkid resins. OPALITE makes uniform and levels the absorption of internal and external wooden surfaces. OPALITE grants easy applicability, good sandability and excellent filling power.

Noxide is a synthetic undercoat for iron and steel structures, based on zinc phosfate inhibitor. It protects exterior steel structures enhancing the resistance to rust. NOXIDE has a good coverage rate and hiding power with very good adhesion to duly prepared steel. It is the perfect undercoat for MICACEO, SMALTO and SINTHO.

Smalto (ENAMEL) is a synthetic product extrafine of awesome quality, good for the decoration of wooden or iron, marine, interiors and exteriors. SMALTO guarantees high opacity and coverage and good weathering resistance.

COLOUR: White, matt – glossy - satin
Tinthosystem colours.
24 colours as shown in the catalog.

Smalto zinc is a special eggshell enamel for exterior able to stand very aggressive environment. SMALTO RESIST, based on thermoplastic modified methacryl resins, keeps a good elasticity in the long run, it can be applied on any metal surface (iron galvanised, aluminium etc) and it is produced in many bright colours. SMALTO RESIST, due to its peculiar features, is the best solution when it is needed a very resistant and durable coat for structure exposed to heavy atmospheric conditions. Under request, a special type is available when it is required a lightly reflecting signalling effect: SMALTO RESIST RF, available in red and white.

Micaceo is an exterior protective enamel, based on lamellar micaceour fillers and iron oxydes. Anticorrosion agents improve MICACEO resistance to rust aggression while lamellar fillers protect the iron surface from atmospheric agents deteriorating actions. MICACEO, applied on iron supports, gives to the surface an old-like appearance, granting high rust protection and resistance to ultraviolet rays and saline fog. Due to its high tixotropicity, MICACEO can be applied in double thickness than usual enamels, without dripping.

Micaceo zinc is a quick drying thermoplastic, permanently elastic paint. Based on up dated modified methacrylate resins MICACEO ZINC grants the adhesion to special surfaces such as: zinc galvanised, structures, aluminium, copper. MICACEO ZINC anticorrosion additives and fillers, based on lamellar micaceous fibres , improve the resistance to atmospheric agents, protecting the substrate from corrosion. In areas where the metal structures are exposed to aggressive eviroment (mild acid vapours etc..) a special type of MICACEO is available: MICACEO RESIST, specially formulated to stand heavy conditions. MICACEO RESIST can be applied on the same undercoat as MICACEO ZINC

Sintho is a synthetic product of good quality suggested for the painting of wood and metal object, interiors and exteriors. SINTHO guarantees low consumption, good opacity and good weathering resistance.

COLOUR: White, matt – glossy - satin
Only tinthosystem bright colours.
Is under development a 3 bases system which will allow to obtain 80% of the Tinthosystem palette.

All the colours above are standard production. All colours showed in Tinthosystem colour card are avaiable under request. Thanks to the Tintometric system we are able to reproduce virtually any colour from a sample. The colors above are indicative referred to our real sample catalog avaiable under request. All logos and trademarks are property of SAIFsrl.