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The SAIF's wood line comprehends a broad range of products which gives through the use of the best technology the best solution for wood treatment. High external resistence, weathering performance, antibacteria protection are the performance of those products.

Wood protector

high impregnation capacity and high bactericide power grant to treated wood surface a high resistance to moulds, wooden worms, etc… Wood Protector, applied until saturation, protects the surface against atmospheric agents, enhances the wood pattern, dries without filming, gives a choice between 12 different colours.

Effetto Cera

is a very advanced coat for exterior wood protction. Satin finish and very attractive, EFFETTO CERA enhances the wood grain and protects against atmospheric agents (rain and U.V), reducing the water absorption of the wood and preventing mould formation. The film coat structure doesn’t close totally the wood pores, avoiding any peeling problem, but it makes the surface water repellent.

Prodotto Idrerepellente

Wood Parquet

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