ARAGONESE is a microthickness decorative and protective system, based on selected quartz for interior and exterior. ARAGONESE finishing coat, applied by brush on MICROFOND, reaches highly decorative effects, depth and soft contrasts. ARAGONESE, based on coated quartz grain, grants high hardness, UV resistance, and non aging properties.

COLOUR: 8 standard colours available.

APPLICATION: Apply first one coat of MICROFOND without dilution, by brush, and crossing irregularly the brush marks, leaving on the wall the desired thickness and pattern. Light dilution will give a final softer . When MICROFOND coat is dried, go with ARAGONESE finish coat, ready to use, applied by a large brush. Spread the product irregularly on the wall, avoiding heavy stains and keeping a uniform intensity on all the wall. Do not apply when wind is blowing, under direct sun light, under rain or when the temperature is expected to go below to+5° Celsius.
Protect the wall from rain for at least 48° hours after application.
Deep dry and full washability will be reached after 15 days.
ARAGONESE is free from solvents, and no special precautions should be taken during application. Clean tools with water and soap immediately after use.


All the colours above are standard production. All colours showed in 'Tinthosystem' colour card are avaiable under request. Thanks to the Tintometric system we are able to reproduce virtually any colour from a sample. The colors above are indicative referred to our real sample catalog avaiable under request. All logos and trademarks are property of SAIFsrl.
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