Interior / Exterior rolled coating based on quartz, giving a finishing fine pattern “orange peel” type.
COLOURS: “I RESTAURI” colour card including 132 colours

SURFACE New walls: apply one or two coats of coloured “ SAIFSEAL
PREPARATION: COAT QUARTZ” ; (very absorbent walls require a previous coat of “SAIFSEAL ACRYL 300% ).
Old interior walls: take out all flaking, old paints by iron brush, clean the wall and apply one coat of “SAIFSEAL DUR” . Proceed with application of SAIFSEAL COAT QUARTZ.
Old mouldy walls: apply one or two coats of “NO MOULD”. When dried, clean the surface taking out all dust, then proceed with SAIFSEAL DUR as consolidating primer (exterior walls require “SAIFSEAL PRIMER”), then apply SAIFSEAL COAT QUARTZ ready to use, stir before application.

All the colours above are standard production. All colours showed in Restauri colour card are avaiable under request. Thanks to the Tintometric system we are able to reproduce virtually any colour from a sample. The colors above are indicative referred to our real sample catalog avaiable under request. All logos and trademarks are property of SAIFsrl.
bl733 br1008 br1067 bl1094 br1047 br1103 bl1003 br1043 br1120 bl1004 vg1094 bl1733 br733 bl1111