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The SAIF production system is able to work, also with the collaboration of the clients, specific products which are able to solve specific problems, of transpiration, insulation, anti mould, waterproof, realizing high quality products able to solve at the same time more specific problems

Prodotto per EsterniProdotto per InterniUnotop is an acrylic water based paint for interior and interiors. Technological advanced product offers a good transpirability still remaining a very washable product. Good opacity, good paintability. Thanks to the good weathering resistance and sticking power UNO TOP can be used in interiors, esteriors and most of the surfaces (plaster, gypsum, wood, zinc-galvanized sheet, PVC, etc.).

COLOURS: Slightly satin white.
Full range of light colours by tintosystem

Prodotto per InterniUnosatin has been formulated in order to have a versatile satin paint, scratch resistant and easy to apply. The right place of UNO SATIN, in terms of quality and performance, is in between a traditional good acryl paint and a modern water based enamel. This silky finish coat is the answer for protection of interior plastered walls, gypsum boards or wood. UNO SATIN, due to its high adhesion power, and its resistance to water and scratches, can be applied on smooth surfaces and cleaned by water or mild detergents. It is an ideal solution for public places and as undercoat for “RIFLESSI”, instead of Green Coat.

Prodotto con effetto Antimuffa PotenziatoProdotto AnticondensaProdotto per InterniTropicale interior micro coating able to improve thermic insulation, and partially solve vapour condensation problems on high relative humidity areas. Micro empty glass bubbles improve the insulation capability of the coating, reducing the heat transmission through the wall, avoiding drops formation on the interior walls. Specially suitable for low insulated walls exposed to north, or in high humidity areas such as food processing factories, kitchens, bathrooms ceilings etc.. Highly protected by a strong fungicide, TROPICAL helps minimizing moulds formation on the wall.

Prodotto per InterniPolar is a matt paint for interiors based on acrylic odourless co-polymer.
Particularly studied for surfaces with stains of smoke, nicotine, humidity. For the particular formulation called ‘tensionless’ is also suggested of undercoatings like tempera old coatings, gypsum. Great covering power and good running ability are other qualities of POLAR

Prodotto per EsterniProdotto IdrerepellenteMetacryl Beton is a micro thickness coating based on metacryl bindings specially formulated for reinforced concrete protection. High adhesion to the substrate, high resistance to weathering agents, rain and U.V. let METACRYL BETON be a valid help against carbonatation of concrete: the very low permeability of METACRYL BETON COAT to carbon dioxide inhibites the formation of calcium carbonate, keeping the P.H. of the substrate at high level and reducing the corrosion of reinforced concrete steel bars.

Prodotto IdrerepellenteBeton Quartz is a microthickness finish for protection and decoration of beton exterior surfaces. The specific binding agent grants high adhesion and high protection to beton surface, helping inhibite carbonatation process.
Pigments are resistant to U.V. rays.

Prodotto IdrerepellenteBeton Decor is a protecting, penetrating and filming specific treatment for cement floors and walls, exterior and interior. Based on solvent acryl binders, BETON DECOR protects the surface giving a good water repellent rate, and a good resistance to atmospheric agents. Comparated with sealing polyurethan based coats, beton decor, notwithstanding its film, doesn’t seal completely the surface, keeping a light vapour transmission ability. Two coats of BETON DECOR intensify the surface colour, verging on darker tone. Applied on reinforced concrete, BETON DECOR improves the surface consistency, drastically reducing its deterioration and protects from rust aggression the inside reinforcing

Prodotto IdrerepellenteUnopool is a special coating for swimming pool based on chlorine caoutchouc syntetic coat. It has great covering power, easy applicability and great water resistance.

Prodotto per InterniProdotto per EsterniProdotto IdrerepellenteProdotto ad elevata traspirabilita'Prodotto a base di resine xilossanicheXilosaif is a protective and decorative paint based on selected mineral fillers, pimsiloxane resins and organic pigments. XILOSAIF is formulated taking into consideration the updated developments in the binder technology, joining in the same product both features: breath ability of the coat and water resistance.
Ideal coat for protection of restored buildings and antiques palaces and villas, XILOSAIF has a high vapour permeability, high resistance to rain, high hydrorepellency contributing to minimize damages to plasters due to absorbtion of rain waters. The high vapour permeability of XILOSAIF coat allow the passage of water vapour from the wall to the air, avoiding peeling problems. A good protection against moulds and a good adhesion to treated supports grant a long lasting performance and low maintenance for long time.

Prodotto per InterniProdotto per EsterniProdotto IdrerepellenteProdotto ad elevata traspirabilita'Prodotto a base di resine xilossanicheXiloquartz is a microthickness coating based on quartz fillers, suitable for exterior walls protection and decoration. Even though XILOQUARTZ is lightly rough to the touch, it looks smooth and velvet-like, particularly suitable for restoration of historical buildings, where the walls are not in good conditions and it is required a high water vapour permeability. In fact, the binding agent based on silossan resins, from one side protects the wall from the outside water (rain), from the other side allows the water vapour inside the building or walls to "get trough" the coat, avoiding plaster deterioration.
The main features are:
§ very high permeability
§ good water resistance
§ good water repellency
§ U.V. resistant and well performing to heavy weathering conditions
§ Excellent coverage rate.

Prodotto per EsterniProdotto IdrerepellenteElastobe are acryl styrene water based coatings, producing a very flexible, elastic and durable film, resistant to water. These coatings can be successfully applied on exterior walls, to waterproof the surface, under very hard climate conditions.
ELASTOBE" coating acts in three different directions:
1- Protects the wall from atmospheric agents
2- Minimize the small plaster crevices.
3- Give to the wall a beautiful finish.

Prodotto per EsterniProdotto IdrerepellenteWaterproofing is a water based modified styrene acryl resin coatings, producing a very flexible and elastic film, resistant to water. It can be successfully applied on floors and roofs to waterproof the surface. Very important: the concrete surface should have a minimum inclination of 4%, in order to avoid back water, and without structural cracks. When dried, the coat can stand: max temperature +40°C / min temperature - 30°C.

Prodotto per InterniNo Dust is a special polyurethan monocomponent coat formulated to prevent the natural breaking down of cement floors (industrial floor, garages, etc.). Due its resistance and support adhesion, NO DUST is perfectly wheel able.
Two types are available: transparent or coloured.


No information in english avaiable yet.

Prodotto per InterniNo smoke Recoating old walls of pubblic places such as restaurants, pubs, etc… stained by nicotine, smoke greasy vapours or water stains due to leaks, always is a difficult solution problem. Usually normal paints, after drying, show again old stains, creating unesthetic effects. NO SMOKE, formulated to solve positivelly such a problem, grants complete coverage of above mentioned stains. Chemical composition of NO SMOKE, based on clorocautchou resins, add a high resistance to abrasion to the wall.

Prodotto per EsterniSpartitraffico is a special eggshell enamel for road marking. SPARTITRAFFICO, based on chlorine caoutchouc syntetic coat, has very high resistance, is abrasive proof and so perfect for the road-marking.
SPARTITRAFFICO can be also formulated in refracting version (for highways and non-urban roads) where are mixed hydro repellent glass spheres according to the law ASTM D 1214 with refracting index of more than 1,500.

Prodotto per InterniVetrificante acrilico Based on microsize Acryl emulsion, VETRIFICANTE has high penetration properties, increases water repellency, improves water resistance without heavy modifications to vapour permeability properties.
Vetrificante can be applied, on any kind of interior / exterior water based coatings, to adding protection and easy maintenance to basic coating, formulated with Acryl binders, to improve their properties. Vetrificante can be satin or mat.

All the colours above are standard production. All colours showed in Tinthosystem colour card are avaiable under request. Thanks to the Tintometric system we are able to reproduce virtually any colour from a sample. The colors above are indicative referred to our real sample catalog avaiable under request. All logos and trademarks are property of SAIFsrl.