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I Rivestimenti - Coatings

SAIF has provided more than 200.000 tons of coatings in twenty different countries, from united states to far east: SAIF's goal was to develop innovative products, respecting the tradictional aspects, wich provide easier and faster application. SAIF's spray coatings are one answer to the question and provide strong, easily applied and advanced spray finishes. In addiction to earlier coatings, our marble and quartz based company, applied by roller, throwel or spatula are having a second youth.

Aragonese ARAGONESE is a microthickness decorative and protective system, based on selected quartz for interior and exterior. ARAGONESE finishing coat, applied by brush on MICROFOND, reaches highly decorative effects, depth and soft contrasts. ARAGONESE, based on coated quartz grain, grants high hardness, UV resistance, and non aging properties.


Orion is a continuos coating for exterior walls based on acryl binder and selected italian marble grains. Mainly used for protection of exterior walls due to its resistance to weathering agents, today, thanks to the granite look and colours softness, ORION is applied successfully also on interior walls.
Public places, stair cases and lobbies covered by ORION; look precious and strong at the same time.


Taurus is a continuous coating for exterior walls based on acryl binder and selected spheroidal quartz grains. The quartz ceramization process grants colour fastness and brightness, together with a wide choice of tones. Mainly used for decoration and protection of exterior walls, due to its resistance to weathering agents, today thanks to highly decorative choice of colours and texture, Taurus is successfully applied also in interior walls. Stair cases, public places, lobbies covered by Taurus, look precious and resistant at the same time.


Vega Interior / Exterior rolled coating based on quartz, giving a finishing fine pattern “orange peel” type.


Neptun is a thick wall coating based on sands and selected quartz grains, formulated to resist to heavy weather conditions. It is also well appreciated for interiors, due to update colours and resistance to abrasion. NEPTUN is usually applied on stair cases, corridors, entrances, etc…
NEPTUN is produced in two different types:


Leonardo is a low thickness spray coatings based on ceramized spheroidal quartz grains. Leonardo was formulated initially as exterior coating, easy and fast to apply, introduced on developed markets (U.S.A.) where application fastness was highly demanded. Due to introduction of soft colours and the resistance to impact, Leonardo is now a best seller for interior decoration.

Aries is a wall coating based on selected marble grains, coloured by iron pigments resistant to ultraviolet rays. Usually applied in exteriors, due to resistance to weather conditions, can be used in interiors, where a heavy duty coating is required.
ARIES is produced in two different types:


Elastobe BL and BR are acryl styrene water based coatings, producing a very flexible, elastic and durable film, resistant to water. These coatings can be successfully applied on exterior walls, to waterproof the surface, under very hard climate conditions.
ELASTOBE" coating acts in three different directions:
1- Protects the wall from atmospheric agents
2- Minimize the small plaster crevices.
3- Give to the wall a beautiful finish.


All the colours above are standard production. All colours showed in Tinthosystem colour card are avaiable under request. Thanks to the Tintometric system we are able to reproduce virtually any colour from a sample. The colors above are indicative referred to our real sample catalog avaiable under request. All logos and trademarks are property of SAIFsrl.